2016 Election for Board of Directors

List of Applicants for the Orléans Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors.

Jason Bellefleur

I am seeking re-election on the Orléans Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors. I have served 2 – 2 year terms on the board, have been involved in multiple committees (Membership, Finance, Business Showcase to name a few) and I’ve spent the past 9 months in the Chair position. During my time as Chair, the board has spent numerous hours developing a strategic plan for 2016 to assist in ensuring that the Chamber is sustainable for years to come. I would like to continue working with the board to ensure that our plan moves forward, as well as assisting in finding the right person to be our next Executive Director. Continuing to build strategic alliances within our community will make our voice stronger, and I want to ensure that our partnership with the Heart of Orléans BIA flourishes. The membership has spoken about having more of a business/professional atmosphere within the Chamber and we have worked hard to meet the needs of our membership and provide more opportunities for education and learning. This is something that I believe needs to continue in order for our members to get the most value out of an Orléans Chamber of Commerce membership. Being the Founder and President of an Orléans based business, I am well aware of the needs of business owners. Our business strives to be ambassadors and supporters of our local community, and I think this is definitely an important skill when representing our business community.

Jill Blanke

I am new to the business community and the Chamber of Commerce, but not to the area.  My family and I have been living in Orleans for over 25 years and have participated and enjoyed many communities’ activities.

I have also volunteered in a variety of areas.

As VP of Operations of a multi dealership automotive group, I’ve had the opportunity to spearhead the planning and construction of the new facility for Taylor Creek Volkswagen.  So I have a vested interest to ensure that it becomes a viable business but also becomes a contributor to the needs of the community that we will be serving.

With over 35 years in the automotive industry, my background has been in accounting, finance, human resources and marketing.

I would like to submit my name for consideration of position on the board to explore ways to support and contribute to the community of Orléans.

Kevin Conroy

I am writing this application for consideration with you in mind.  I am seeking a 2 (two) year term appointment to your board of directors.

The Orléans Chamber of Commerce has been a crucial part of my business for the past 6 years of which I’ve been a member in good standing.  The opportunity to volunteer on the membership committee, where it all started 2 years ago, was an important turning point in my career.  It was then I started giving back to our business community more significantly.  Last June (2015), you elected me to be part of your board.  Since joining, I’ve been chair of the membership committee and have worked with many dedicated members to bring you value.

I’m a true believer that the best way to become successful in business and in life is by helping those around us to achieve their goals and dreams.


Sean Crossan

Please accept my name for consideration for the Board of the Orléans Chamber of Commerce for a two-year term. I would like to offer my leadership skills, experience, and knowledge so that we continue to build upon the Chamber’s successes. I have three objectives:

1) Work in partnership with all parties to continue the growth and maturity of the Chamber. For example, in March 2016, I was one of the leaders who facilitated the first ever Orléans Economic Development Symposium. It was a great start and with your support, I would like to build on this success in order to help our members grow, attract new businesses, and assist entrepreneurs.

2) Lead and explore new partnerships with other Chambers, BIAs, the City Economic Development Department, and Invest Ottawa to establish stronger relationships that garner more services and opportunities for our members.

3) Continue as Co-chair of the Economic Development Committee to bring a strong cross section of business members to the table in order to develop an Orleans Economic Development Strategy that builds on LRT.

I am a federal public service executive with a 25-year track record of leadership in Orléans. I have a Master’s in Public Administration and considerable Board experience. I am currently President, Cardinal Creek Community Association and Board Member, Orléans Cumberland Resource Centre. I have held Board positions on the Canadian Institute of Planners, the Rotary Club of Orléans, the Greater Orléans Slo-Pitch Board and more. With your support, together we can make a difference. Merci pour votre consideration. Thank you.

David Harmer

I made Orléans my home in 2009 where I played a key member of the team at Michelle Martin CA Professional Corporation. Dedicating my time at the Orléans Chamber of Commerce for the past couple of years, as Board member and chairing the Finance Committee. I have been involved in the Finance committee since September 2014, and Chamber member since 2011. I am also part of the new Breakfast committee! I enjoy contributing and being part of the Orléans Chamber of Commerce because it has allowed me to make great new connections, support and contribute in making Orléans a better community. I look forward to working with everyone in coming year. 

Deborah O’Connor

I have been affiliated with the Orléans Chamber of Commerce as a board member, chair and now co-chair of the Economic Development Committee for the past 9 years.  In addition, I am a member of the Finance Committee.  Because of my experience serving as a board member, I have developed an understanding of the role of a director and committee member, the organization and how my participation on the board is relevant to achieving the Chamber’s goals.

During my time as a board member, I have seen many changes and growth in the Chamber and I am very proud to be on the board and to serve my community.  Economic development in the east end and for Orleans has always been a primary interest of mine. 

The Economic Development Committee has developed productive relationships with members of the municipal, provincial and federal governments and continues to bring the needs and concerns of the east end and the Orléans community to all levels of government.   In addition, we continue to establish and maintain relationships with similar organizations (e.g. Heart of Orléans Business Improvement Area) and to develop alliances with other related groups (e.g. Invest Ottawa). The Economic Development Committee monitors all issues related to the economic development of the area including LRT, the Health Hub and the Community Improvement Plan as well as participating in the ongoing City of Ottawa Economic Stakeholder sessions.  As well as assisting entrepreneurs and attracting new businesses to our community, it is important to grow the established businesses within our community.  A continuing objective of the Committee is the securing of funding for the development of a strategic economic development plan for the area.

One of the Economic Development Committee’s recent accomplishments was the creation of the Orléans Chamber of Commerce Economic Symposium.   Building on the success of the Symposium, the Chamber and the Economic Development Committee are hoping to present another Symposium next year.

I am a lawyer by profession and have lived in Orléans since 1997.

I would welcome the opportunity to continue to contribute to this community as a board member and to continue the work of the Chamber and the Economic Development Committee.

Cecilia S. Perdigao

I am interested in rejoining the Board of Directors for the Orléans Chamber of Commerce.  I had been a board member for six years (2009–2015) before taking a one-year leave to reflect, recharge and open the opportunity for new directors.  I had chaired the BEA Committee (2011–2014), and have had the pleasure of volunteering with the golf committee this year.  I enjoy attending the events on a regular basis, meeting new people, and re-connecting with the familiar faces.  As a past director, past-committee-chair, ongoing volunteer, ongoing sponsor, and regular attendee, I believe that I have a broad range of experiences that may be helpful.  For those of you whom I may not have met as of yet, my goal is to bring my organizational skills and down-to-earth approach as my contribution to the skill-set of the existing board.  I believe that the Orléans Chamber of Commerce offers a unique and intimate networking opportunity for our business community, and that our continued efforts will lead to growth and prosperity for all of us.

I look forward to supporting and giving back to this community, and will continue to be a proud member of the Orléans Chamber of Commerce.

Ravinder Tumber

Please accept my interest to stand for election to the Orléans Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors for a one year term. I am a member in good standing willing to meet the commitments outlined to be effective as a director. It is my intent to apply my formal education (Master of Arts/Economics; Bachelor of Commerce); my 21 year work history and living experience in Orléans/Ottawa East nurturing several successful, award winning small businesses to successive growth per annum (one of which I own); and philanthropic outreach to numerous local community organizations to that avail. 

I take specific interest in the development of expanding Chamber membership and orchestrating business community outreach into the heretofore untapped and underrepresented commercial district of Ottawa East (to St. Laurent Blvd.). I have firsthand experience of being previously adrift in this geographic “no man’s land” looking for cohesive support and camaraderie re: business development prior to joining the Orléans Chamber. As such, I am willing to cast the net to broaden the Chambers influence by encouraging my fellow local businesses to join and hence increase the range of a larger, diversified Chamber.  

Further, I would be willing to explore and engage the inter-connectivity of other Ottawa Chambers, BIAs (i.e.: Indo-Canadian Ottawa Business Chamber, Hong Kong Chamber of Commerce: both of which I have a stellar relationship), Invest Ottawa, and select municipal agencies to develop a citywide cohesive network to provide member benefits on a cost effective scale regarding multiple issues which affect small and medium size businesses. 

Last, as visible member of the multi-cultural diverse face of 21st century Orléans, I shall integrate with like-minded multi-cultural businesses and associations to help feature events and festivals within our commercial mandate (i.e.: the Punjabi Cultural Association of Ottawa; the South Asian Festival; the Mauritius Cultural Association; and the India-Canada Association to name a few of which I have firmly established business rapport).

In closing, I deeply appreciate your consideration. Thank You/Merci

Proxy Voting

General Operating By-law No. 1 Section 4.14: Voting Rights and Proxies

Votes at Meetings of Members may be given either personally or by proxy, provided that the proxy appointed is either the Secretary or the Chair, or alternatively a Member who represents no more than one other Member at such meeting by proxy. At every meeting at which a Member is entitled to vote, every Member and/or Person present or appointed by proxy to represent a Member shall have one (1) vote for each Member present or represented by proxy. A proxy shall be executed by the Member or the Member's attorney authorized in writing.

The Board may from time to time make rules regarding the lodging of proxies at some place or places other than the place at which a meeting or adjourned meeting of Members is to be held and to determine particulars of such proxies being cabled, telegraphed or sent by facsimile, e-mail or other electronic means, or in writing before the meeting of Members or adjourned meeting to the Corporation. The chair of Members’ meetings may, subject to any rules made as aforesaid, in the discretion of the chair of Members’ meetings, accept telegraphic, cable, facsimile, e-mail or other electronic means, or written communication as to the authority of any person claiming to vote on behalf of and to represent a Member notwithstanding that no proxy form as stated above conferring such authority has been lodged with the Corporation, and any votes given in accordance with such communication accepted by the chair of Members’ meetings shall be valid and shall be counted.

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