Circle Groups

Circle Groups are informal gatherings of between 8 – 10 Chamber members, who meet on a regular basis (about once per month) to discuss issues of common entrepreneurial challenges. The main purpose is to brainstorm and offer advice within the group, to encourage collective learning opportunities, while also providing an outlet to socialize in a more informal setting. Built on a foundation of trust, confidentiality and harmony, these are used for problem-solving, inspiration, and motivation. There is no cost to join.

If you are interested in participating or creating a new Circle Group, please contact Jarrod Goldsmith for additional details.

Group members:

  • Give each other feedback
  • Help brainstorm new possibilities
  • Set up accountability structures that keep members focused and on track
  • Create a community of supportive colleagues who will work together to move the group to new heights

Suggestions to share:

  • One thing that was currently working really well in your business activities
  • One thing you needed help with or were struggling with
  • One resource, such as a blog, podcast, service, product that you believed others in the group would appreciate knowing about

How it works:

There is no set formula for how Circle Groups are organized. Groups may choose to operate differently from one-another, with some opting for more of a ‘formal’ breakfast meeting, while others are more of an evening activity. What they all have in common, however, is the genuine desire to work together to discuss issues of mutual concern. Such discussions are held in confidence and are not disclosed to the membership at large.

What will you get out of the group?

  • Experience, skill, and confidence
  • Real progress in your business life
  • An instant and valuable support network
  • Support in delivering on commitments to yourself
  • Building supportive and competent relationships
  • Go beyond goal setting to goal getting
  • Turn stumbling blocks into stepping stones for success
  • Tapping the true source of Group Mind Power
  • Develop a belief in yourself and your abilities

“The coordination of knowledge and effort of two or more people who work toward a definite purpose in the spirit of harmony”—Napoleon Hill “Think & Grow Rich”, 1937

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