The Board of Directors is seeking applications from members of the Orléans Chamber of Commerce (the “Chamber”) interested in serving on the Board.  As the governing body of the Chamber, the Board is responsible for managing the Chamber’s affairs, strategies, policies and programs in an effort to achieve the Chamber’s mission.


As provided for in the Chamber’s by-laws, the Board of Directors, consists of nine members elected by the membership.  The Board of Directors is currently looking to fill seven (7) positions at the upcoming AGM on June 9, 2016.

The following directors have one year left in their current two year term: Josée I. Virgo and Robert C. Rhéaume.

The Board is looking to fill five (5) two-year terms and two (2) one-year terms, thus allowing some year-to-year continuity to the make-up of the Board

The following directors have indicated their interest to seek re-election: Jason Bellefleur, Deborah O’Connor, Kevin Conroy and David Harmer.

The following director has completed her term and is not seeking re-election: Lisa Cruickshank.  We would like to thank Lisa for her contribution to the Chamber.


In order to be considered for nomination to the Board, a member must:

1. Be in good standing with the Chamber; and
2. Submit an application within the deadline established by the Nomination Committee.
A member cannot be a Director for more than eight (8) consecutive years.


Members are expected to assist the monthly Board meetings and participate (as a Chair or member) of at least one committee.  The minimum commitment is 5 hours per month which represents the preparation and attendance at the meetings.  Additional hours are expected and vary based on selected commitments.


In order to apply to be considered for election, members must prepare a short statement of interest (maximum of 200 words) and indicate if they are seeking a one (1) or two (2) year term. The completed statements are to be delivered to the Chamber’s office manager by e-mail to officemanager@orleanschamber.ca  with “Application for the Board of Directors” in the subject line no later than MIDNIGHT on APRIL 30, 2016. The statement of interest will then in turn be posted on the Chamber’s website, allowing members to get familiar with the candidates seeking election.

The slate of candidates will be announced to the membership by Chamber Scoop and be posted on the Chamber’s website. 

No nomination will be accepted from the floor the day of the AGM; only the candidates listed on the website will be eligible for election at the AGM.


The Nomination Committee is responsible for:

  • receiving the applications from members;
  • reviewing the applications for eligibility; and
  • ensuring the list of eligible candidates is communicated to the membership the first week of May 2016.

The Nomination Committee consists of Lisa Cruickshank, Josée I. Virgo and Robert C. Rhéaume.




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