2016 Business Excellence Awards Gala

Please fill out the online form below, or fill out either the following PDF or Word document. If you choose to submit your application through the online form, please save it in a Word document before pressing "submit".

If you are filling out the form on a Word or PDF document, please email the completed form to contact@orleanschamber.ca with "2016 BEA Application" as the subject and request confirmation.


2016 BEA Application Form

When completing the application, please be as specific as possible, using quantifiable figures when possible. Not all questions must be answered. A score is given for the overall section, not individual responses. Point form answers are accepted, even encouraged. Please do not duplicate responses. Once again, not all questions have to be answered.

Please answer the following questions to highlight the nominee's business accomplishments. The judges can award the nominee up to 25 points for this section.
There are seven questions below that you scroll through.
This section is intended to capture highlights from the nominee’s career and does not need to be limited to their achievements in their current role.

2. LEVEL OF EXPERTISE (15 points)
Please answer the following questions to provide information on the nominee's level of expertise in their respective field. The judges can award the nominee up to 15 points for this section.
There are five questions that you scroll through. These are open-ended questions intended to give the judges an overview of the nominee’s level of expertise.

Please highlight the nominee's community involvement. The judges can award the nominee up to 10 points for this section.
Higher scores will be awarded to applications that clearly illustrate the specific contributions of the nominee. For example, “The nominee organized and launched a bike-a-thon that raised $50,000 for the Canadian Cancer Society in 2011” will score higher than, “The nominee sat on the board of directors for three years.”
While we understand the importance of donations contributions to charitable organizations, the judges are looking for information on how the nominee has directly played a significant leadership role in community causes.
Please provide a concise description of the charities, non-profits or other organizations to which the nominee has made a major contribution, as well as the specific role played by the nominee, the approximate dates of service and the monthly time commitment.

Point form answers are accepted.
Please highlight the nominee’s involvement in multiple organizations, if warranted.

Please provide the following details about each volunteer position:

Please provide contact information for people that can act as a reference for the nominee.
Please note that no points will be awarded for this section. References may be contacted at the discretion of the judges.
A minimum of one reference must be provided.

Reference #1

Reference #2

Reference #3

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